This glossary of terms intends to provide the TESDA key players, partners, and stakeholders an online and updated TVET information, concepts, to bring common understanding and clarification on the use of TESDA terminologies.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that, in turn, owns, administers and manages the selected process or processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics.
Source: PSA
a process which enables all assessors for a particular qualification to have a shared understanding of the standard method of conducting assessment including the assessment guidelines, the nature of evidence., how evidence is collected, and the basis on which assessment decisions are made based on the nationally developed Competency Assessors.
Source: TESDA-OP-CP-04 Accreditation of Competency Assessors
(in the context of assessment and certification) an individual seeking recognition of his/her competencies to acquire a certification
Source: TESDA Circular No. 059, s. 2020
Candidate Status
refers to a program that has been categorized as not yet eligible for the STAR Level Award due to the need to strengthen areas where weaknesses have been identified on the criteria. The total weighted scores of the program, which is categorized as candidate status range from 300 to 374 points.
Source: TESDA Circular No. 99 s. 2019
a personal engagement with the world of work characterized by the exercise of choice and identification of personal suitability requiring preparation and specialization for ongoing lifelong development
Source: G. Arulmani, 2014
Career Advocates
refer to non-registered and non-licensed career and employment counselors who implement career advocacy activities.
Source: CGA Plan 2013-2016, as cited in TESDA Circular No. 052, s. 2023
Career Coach
a person who has been trained in helping other people develop their career goals.
Source: King, Ralph, Get on the Right Career Path with a Career Coach
Career Guidance
refers to the provision of services such as career information, career education, guidance, and counseling intended to assist people at any age and at any point in their lives to make education, training, and occupational choices and manage their careers.
Source: European Union Council, 2004, 2008, OECD, 2004; Memorandum No. 027-2021, as cited in TESDA Circular No. 053, s. 2023
Career Path
the sequence and variety of occupations which a person undertakes throughout a lifetime or the progression up an orderly hierarchy within an organization or profession.
Source: SAQA 2013, South Africa
Career Profiling
as used in TESDA, refers to that career guidance service geared towards helping students, out-of-school youth and unemployed adults decide intelligently on what career to pursue by having them undergo self-assessment of their abilities and occupational interests. The results are processed into an individual profile which shall serve as the basis for the individual to decide on what particular program to undergo in pursuit of that job best suited to his/her strengths.
Source: Career Profiling Handbook, 2012

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