This glossary of terms intends to provide the TESDA key players, partners, and stakeholders an online and updated TVET information, concepts, to bring common understanding and clarification on the use of TESDA terminologies.

Coconut Farmers Scholarship Program (CFSP)

refers to the implementation of the Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Plan (CFIDP) under R.A. No. 11524 or the Coconut Farmers and Industry Trust Fund Act to provide the capacity building and learning needs of the coconut farmers  to increase their income and improve the productivity of the coconut industry.

Source: TESDA Circular No. 004, s. 2024
Collaborative Undertaking
refers to works undertaken by TESDA in collaboration with an entity whether as an individual or as an institution not of TESDA.
Source: TESDA Circular No. 023 s. 2021
is a TVI offering of at least eighteen (18) registered programs in either PQF Level I, II, III, & IV and two (2) in PQF Level V (Diploma) programs.
Source: TESDA Circular No. 090, s. 2018
these are praises, positive feedback on deeds/acts on services rendered.
Source: Operating Procedure -Customer Satisfaction Management System
Commissioned Works
refers to works that are created for a specific project or purpose under the direction and control of TESDA.
Source: RA No. 8293, as amended
Common Competencies

refer to the units of competency required of workers in a particular sector.  These are sector-specific but not as specialized or highly technical in nature as the core competencies. 

Source: Training Regulations Framework per TESDA Board Resolution No. 2014-04
Communication and Consultation
the continual process that an organization conducts to provide, share, or obtain information and to engage in dialogue with stakeholders regarding the management of risk.
Source: TESDA Circular No. 017 s. 2018
Communication Plan
refers to the agency's communication objectives, programs and projects, and logistical requirements.
Source: Memorandum No. 234, s. 2020
a group of people in a certain locality such as indigenous people, farmers, former rebels, and other groups, who are the targets of TESDA's community-based training programs.
Source: TESDA Circular No. 088 s. 2020
Community Training and Employment Coordinators (CTEC)
refers to identified regular Local Government Unit (LGU) personnel who is the focal person trained by TESDA to plan, organize, manage, and monitor community-based training and enterprise development (CBTED) programs at the LGU using the CBTED methodology.
Source: Memorandum Circular No. 2003-174 - DILG

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