Competency Standards


Agricultural Drone Operation Level II
Filipino Sign Language Services Level II
Fish Finder Operation Level III
Boat Building (Composite Materials) Level II
Cooperative Development and Management Level IV
Basic 3D Building Information Modeling Level III
Shoemaking Level I
Contact Tracing Level II
Elevator Installation Level II
Market Operation and Development Level IV
Water Well Drilling Level II
Coffee Nursery Operation Level II
Coffee Production Level II
Community Program Development Services Level IV
Sonar Equipment Servicing Level III
Sonar Fish Finder Operation Level III
Fish Finder Equipment Servicing Level III
Seamer Operation Level II
Net Construction and Maintenance Level II
Speed Limitation Device Servicing Level II
Construction Trade Supervision Level IV
Construction Site Supervision Level IV
Basket Weaving Level II
Beadwork Accessories Making Level II
Beekeeping Level II
Embroidery Level II
Film and Video Postproduction Level III
Handloom Weaving (Backstrap Loom) Level II
Mango Processing Level II
Mango Production Level II
Mat Weaving and Diversified Mat Products Making Level II
Paper Mache Level II
Solar Powered Irrigation System (SPIS) Operation and Maintenance Level II
Wood Carving Level II