This glossary of terms intends to provide the TESDA key players, partners, and stakeholders an online and updated TVET information, concepts, to bring common understanding and clarification on the use of TESDA terminologies.

are technical experts who represent their respective sectors for the qualification being validated. The validators are not involved in the development of TRs and CATs.
Source: TESDA-OP-QSO-01 dated 01 March 2017, TESDA-OP-QSO-02 dated 01 March 2017
(in terms of assessment) refers to the extent to which the interpretation and use of assessment outcome can be supported by evidence
Source: TESDA Circular No. 059, s. 2020
refers to all the activities undertaken by a company from initially purchasing raw materials and then manufacturing a product, to placing it on the market ready to be bought by consumers. (MBN) describes the full range of activities that firms and workers perform to bring a product from its conception to end use and beyond. This includes activities such as research and development (R&D), design, production, marketing, distribution, and support to the final consumer. The activities that comprise a value chain can be contained within a single firm or divided among different firms
Source:, 2011
Value-Chain Analysis
is a process where a firm identifies its primary and support activities that add value to its final product and then analyze these activities to reduce costs or increase differentiation.
Source: Strategic Management Insight (SMI)
refers to the process of validating reported training implementation as required by Training Regulation and implementation of training programs.
Source: TESDA Circular No. 105 s. 2019
Vertically Related Qualifications
those with hierarchical progressions bearing similar qualifications with advancing national certification levels (e.g. Agricultural Crops Production NC I, Agricultural Crops Production NC II, and Agricultural Crops Production NC III).
Source: TESDA Circular No. 061, s. 2022
Video Footage
refers to all recorded data captured by any CCTV installed at any accredited Assessment Centers.
Source: TESDA Circular No. 084 s. 2020
Virtual Audits
are paperless, electronic audits that are conducted without face to face interaction between government and industry. All data is exchanged in electronic formats such as MS Word, Excel, PDF Files, and text files.
Source: TESDA Circular No. 071 s. 2020
Visibly Underemployed
employed persons who worked for less than 40 hours during the reference period and wanted to haveĀ  additional hours of work
Source: PSA
Vocational Guidance
involves helping individuals learn about opportunities for education, training, and work and facilitating their career planning. It includes vocational orientation and counseling and may be given in schools, training centers, or undertaken in specialized offices or institutions.
Source: NCVER, Australia, VOCEDpIus: Glossary of VET, as cited in TESDA Circular No. 053, s. 2023

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