Self-Assessment Guide (SAG) – a pre-assessment tool to help the candidate and the assessor determine what evidence is available, where gaps exist, including readiness for assessment. This document can

  • identify the candidate’s skills and knowledge;
  • highlight gaps in the candidate’s skills and knowledge;
  • provide critical guidance to the assessor n the evidence that needs to be presented;
  • provide guidance to the candidate on the evidence that needs to be presented; and
  • assist the candidate to identify key areas in which practice is needed or additional information or skills should be gained prior to the assessment.

Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC IV
Electronic Product Assembly and Servicing NC II
Electronics Back-End Operation NC II
Electronics Front-of-Line Operation NC II
Electronics Semiconductors Production Line Machine Servicing NC III
Emergency Medical Services NC II (Amended 2013)
Emergency Medical Services NC III
Events management Services NC III
Fashion Design (Apparel) NC III
Film and Video Postproduction NC III
Fish Capture NC I
Fish Capture NC II
Fish Products Packaging NC II
Fishing Gear Repair and Maintenance NC III
Fishport Wharf Operations NC I

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