CEMF Cloverleaf9 Learning Center Inc.

Address: Sitio Rosal, San Mariano, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro
Phone #: 09177989181

Tech-Voc Course Offerred
Agricultural Crops Production NC II 336 hours Lino A. Pagcaliwangan
Bread and Pastry Production NC II 141 hours Ma. Cristina Q. Gito
Production of High-Quality Inbred Rice, and Seed Certification, and Farm Mechanization 96 hours Rolando Fernandez
Scaffolding Works NC II (Supported Type Scaffold) 181 hours Rolando Fernandez
Masonry NC I 123 hours Rolando Fernandez
Masonry NC II 181 hours Cely M. Jaylo
Cookery NC II 316 hours Cely M. Jaylo
Food and Beverage Services NC II 356 hours Cely M. Jaylo
Events Management Services NC III 108 hours Cely M. Jaylo
Housekeeping NC II 436 hours Jupiter T. Estrada
Organic Agriculture Production NC II 232 hours Jupiter T. Estrada