February 18, 2024

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is set to provide inputs to a Filipino-sensitive Spanish language textbook currently being developed by the University of the Philippines’ Department of European Languages.

When finished, the publication will be a context-sensitive, culturally responsive, and open-access digital textbook-cum-workbook for Spanish language teachers and learners, a first of its kind ever in the Philippines.

In a statement, TESDA Director General, Secretary Suharto Mangudadatu, lauded the efforts of the UP-DEL and thanked them for tapping the agency in the development of the Spanish language textbook. The Secretary likewise assured the institution of TESDA’s continuous assistance and support to them.

“We are honored to be considered in the development of this innovative language textbook that will greatly benefit future Spanish language learners and give them the best possible learning experience,” the TESDA chief said.

The book also aims to equip state education and training institutions with a comprehensive and culturally-sensitive learning material to serve as the basis for teaching the Spanish language in the Philippines.

According to UP-DEL, to distinguish it further from existing Spanish textbooks in the market, the proposed material will be adapted to adequately reflect the rich ethnolinguistic diversity of the Philippines.

As part of the collaboration, TESDA, through the National Language Skills Center (NLSC), shall validate the Spanish language textbook being developed by UP-DEL to ensure that the book aligns with the agency’s curriculum and syllabus on Spanish courses.

The book shall be published in digital and open-access format and allow any user to access it online for free or to print the material for only P250.

TESDA as one of the external validators of the textbook, will be entitled to grant its Spanish faculty and students with free access to the book and will help in its promotion.

“We are looking forward to our continuous collaboration for the advancement of Spanish language training,” Secretary Mangudadatu added.

Currently, TESDA offers the Spanish Language for Different Vocations course which runs for 100 hours or 25 days.

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