February 05, 2024


We stand as a united country, One Philippines for the Filipino.

Mindanao from the Philippines have prompted us to emphasize the importance of unity among Filipinos. Over the course of history, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have been interconnected through shared experiences and collaborative efforts.

Our nation's unity is not just symbolic, it is the bedrock of our advancement and well-being. While an independent Mindanao could thrive with its abundant resources and capable governance, it is highly important that we cherish and preserve our collective heritage as one united Filipino nation.

Our regions have long collaborated in different sectors, including agriculture, education, healthcare, and commerce. TESDA has tirelessly worked to provide skills training and development opportunities to individuals across the archipelago empowering them to contribute meaningfully to our nation's workforce and economy.

Cooperation and collaboration are the keys to ensure that the synergy of Luzon Visayas and Mindanao remains a pillar of national stability and growth. Division can only affect the full potential of our country's economic strength.

It is really important for us to work together and unite in advancing projects that will contribute to the development of our country. Let us approach this matter with practicality and forward-thinking, understanding that our strength lies in coming together, not in being divided. The solution does not lie in fragmentation. Instead, let us promote cooperation, comprehension, and sustainable progress for a united nation under a single guiding faith.

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