November 13, 2023

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) renewed its commitment to intensify its enterprise-based training (EBT) programs specifically the Dual Training System (DTS) to address challenges in the technical vocational education and training TVET sector.

According to TESDA Secretary/Director General Suharto Mangudadatu, TESDA’s DTS provides an effective way to train students not only with the theories, basic skills, and general education but also the practical knowledge they will gain from industries.

“The DTS has consistently shown its effectiveness in immersing tech-voc trainees to real work situations. As a result, the DTS has the highest absorption rate among other training modalities, with almost all of its graduates finding employment immediately after training,” said Secretary Mangudadatu.

“Of course, the key component of DTS implementation is the partnership between training institutions and companies. That is why more private sector participation in tech-voc training is necessary as this can yield great benefits for both the industry and our workers,” according to the TESDA Chief.

The DTS is a training modality that combines theoretical and practical training. It is called dual training because learning takes place alternately in two venues: the school or training center and the company or workshop.

The DTS is one of the training modalities under TESDA’s EBT program. Other EBT programs include Program on Accelerating Farm School Establishment, Apprenticeship Program, Learnership Program, Supervised Industry Learning, and In-Company Training.

Meanwhile, in line with the celebration of DTS week last October 21-28, TESDA, through its field offices, conducted various industry forums to promote and strengthen partnerships in the delivery of tech-voc training in the country.

Industry forums were held in Cebu City, Zamboanga City, and Laguna. These aim to bring together stakeholders, partner industries, and technical vocational institutions (TVIs) to promote knowledge sharing and discussion on the latest developments, opportunities and success stories, and implementing guidelines on the conduct of EBT programs.

The DTS Week is an annual celebration led by TESDA that aims to sustain active participation and commitment in the continuous enhancement, promotion, implementation, and adoption of dual training by institutions and industry partners.

It is celebrated by virtue of Proclamation No. 884 issued in 1996 by then-President Fidel V. Ramos. This year’s celebration was highlighted by the theme “TESDA At Industriya: Pagtutulungang Pinalakas sa Bagong Pilipinas.”

“TESDA also needs the active participation of the private sector to craft policies and effectively implement tech-voc training in the country, and ensure the employability of TVET graduates,” added the Secretary.

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