December 08, 2022

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has thanked the Australian Government for its continued collaboration with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in skills development, especially in today’s digital age.

TESDA Director General, Danilo P. Cruz, said he is optimistic that the Australian government’s support for the ASEAN TVET Council’s (ATC) efforts will further bolster the promotion of technical vocational education and training in the region.

“I am positive that this meeting will fast track our aim for more robust regional convergence initiatives on human resource development in response to the rapid technological advances brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” he said during the 2nd ATC Meeting last November 17-18.

During the 2nd ASEAN-Australia Summit in Cambodia last Nov. 12, President Marcos Jr. encouraged Australia’s “continued collaboration with the ATC in improving and strengthening the TVET systems and programs of the ASEAN Member States.”

“This is critical for us to strengthen our technology and labor.  This will be especially helpful as we conclude the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area upgrade, which will further encourage trade in services, among other updates in today’s digital age,” he said.

TESDA Deputy Director General Rosanna A. Urdaneta noted that the ATC has made significant progress since its launch in 2020, and Australia’s continued collaboration will further advance TVET in the region, especially for the digital economy.

“We are grateful for Australia’s continued assistance.  Ultimately, our collaborations particularly to enhance labor market information systems and skills forecasting should result in a regional workforce that is better prepared for tomorrow’s work environments,” she said.

TESDA convened the 2nd Meeting of the ATC which was participated  in by the ATC focal points from the different ministries of the ASEAN Member States and regional organizations, as well as the representatives of different development partners and ASEAN Dialogue Partners, including Australia.

During the meeting, the ATC and Australia welcomed concrete collaboration in the implementation of the ATC Work Plan 2021-2030, especially in areas that will improve the capacities of the ASEAN TVET systems and facilitate workers transitioning and adapting to digitalization and other emerging trends.

Australia offered to support the ATC through its Aus4ASEAN Digital Transformation and Future Skills Initiative which is under the broader ASEAN-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership project. (30)

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