December 05, 2022

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Canadian government have affirmed their commitment to work together in strengthening skills development and providing employment opportunities to Filipinos who want to work in Canada.

TESDA Director General Danilo P. Cruz and Canadian Health Minister Paul Merriman of the Province of Saskatchewan made the reiteration during their recent meeting where they discussed possible areas of cooperation in tech-voc training, particularly in the healthcare and agriculture sector.

“Through these programs, thousands of job opportunities can potentially be created for our Filipino workers, particularly in health care and agriculture industries,” he said.

“We will continue to develop and improve our training programs for Filipinos to be equipped with the necessary skills needed in the industry and for them to have better employment opportunities here and abroad,” he added.

The meeting was highlighted by a discussion on the technical-vocational education training (TVET) development collaboration and bridging programs between Canada and the Philippines through TESDA.

Also present during the meeting were TESDA Deputy Directors General Aniceto D. Bertiz III, Tonisito Umali, Josefino Torres, Vidal Villanueva, and other TESDA and Canadian officials.

TESDA has developed health-related courses that are suitable for jobs in Canada.  These are Health Care Services NC II, Caregiving (Elderly) NC II, Caregiving (Clients with Special Needs) NC II, Caregiving (Grade Schooler to Adolescent) NC II, and Emergency Medical Services NC II.

It also has training regulations on Medical Transcription NC II, Contact Tracing NC II, Dental Hygiene NC IV, Dental Laboratory Technology Services NC I, Dental Laboratory Technology Services (Fixed Dentures/ Restorations) NC II, Dental Laboratory Technology Services (Removable Dentures/ Appliances) NC II, and Pharmacy Services NC III.

The Canadian Embassy in the Philippines has earlier announced that the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan is open to hiring hundreds of healthcare workers from the Philippines.

Meanwhile, TESDA intends to develop new training programs, whether it is a full-blown Training (TR) program or a Competency Standards (CS), for needed care health technical skills/jobs that do not have programs yet, especially those that do not require higher education.

Likewise, there are existing TRs related to care health occupations that may need to be reviewed for updating to ensure the integration of standards under the post-COVID-19 new normal and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. (30)

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