19 February 2021
Taguig City - The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Globe Telecom took another step to strengthen partnership in reaching further the returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Globe extended communications support to TESDA by providing prepaid load allowing TESDA to easily coordinate with returning OFWs and offer its training programs and services. The prepaid cards will also be used to validate if existing beneficiaries have already completed their training.

It will also be used to monitor enterprise-based programs and institutional arrangements.

TESDA Secretary Isidro Lapeña expressed his gratitude to Globe Telecom for their donated communication tools.

“TESDA is doing its best and will continue to intensify its program that focuses on reskilling and upskilling of returning OFWs to help rebuild their livelihood. With the help that Globe has given us, the services of TESDA will certainly go closer to our OFWs,” he assured.

Lapeña added that he is glad that TESDA is in close coordination with the OFW community which makes it easier for the agency to formulate effective programs for them.

In line with “TESDA Abot Lahat ang OFWs”, our “modern-day” heroes can easily apply online for scholarships, take short online courses through TESDA Online Program (TOP), TESDA Malasakit Help Desks at international airports, and OFW desks with designated focal persons at every TESDA Regional and Provincial Office in the country.

In 2020, a total of 86,100 OFWs including their dependents have enrolled in TESDA through the TOP. It reached 60,937; adding 7,099 as the number of their dependents; and 18,064 more are categorized as Returning OFWs.

The agency tries to update them regularly regarding their preferred courses, to follow-up requirements, their training progress, and other matters.

Meanwhile, Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer Yoly Crisanto reiterated the telco’s determination to contribute to the country’s economic recovery by harnessing the power of digital platforms.

“OFWs are our modern-day heroes. We intend to help our fellow Filipinos by bridging them to relevant channels that can strengthen their skills and help sustain them economically especially during these difficult times,” she said.

Globe Telecom has been a strong partner of TESDA since 2019 and has been very supportive in forwarding the agency’s mandates. Earlier, Globe also zero-rated the TOP website (https://www.e-tesda.gov.ph/) for all Globe and TM customers, allowing them to visit the site without incurring any data charges and even if they do not have any prepaid load. There are 80 online courses under various sectors available in the TOP. It has also donated pre-loaded cards for validation and verification of scholarship beneficiaries.  

Globe Telecom supports the advancement of livelihood programs using tech-based platforms as part of its commitment to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals such as UNSDG No. 8 which promotes sustained and inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

The Department of Labor and Employment reported that since the COVID-19 outbreak a year ago, the government has already repatriated 410,211 displaced OFWs as of January 16, 2021 and 60,000 to 80,000 more are estimated to be repatriated this year.

To know more about TESDA scholarship programs and services, visit the TESDA website www.tesda.gov.ph or download the TESDA mobile app. ###