August 24, 2018

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Women’s Center (TWC) has launched the Innovation Center (IC) for Baking and Pastry Production and Barista which will serve as venue for skills training and entrepreneurial activities for trainees and graduates of Bread and Pastry Production NC ll and Barista NC ll.

The opening of the IC coincided with the signing of the memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the partnership among TESDA, PILMICO Foods Corporation(PFC), and Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (AFI) on August 24, 2018.

TESDA Director General/Secretary Guiling “Gene” A. Mamondiong represented the agency; Santanina Apolinario B. Castro, VP for Corporate and Business Development of PFC; and Maribeth L. Marasigan, First VP and Chief Operating Officer of AFI.

Tristan R. Aboitiz, Vice President and COO for Sales and Head of Risk & Commodity, PILMICO Food Corp., was one of the guest speakers during the event.

The Innovation Center for Bread and Pastry Production NC lI has been named “Wooden Spoon” while Barista NC ll is called “Café Juana”.

The “Wooden Spoon” (sandok) is a flagship brand of PILMICO, the leading brand in baking which will also provide opportunities through proper training, and resources.

A total of P7,746,799.00 has been earmarked for the project which involves renovation of the building, purchase of tools, equipment, furniture, training laboratory and other supplies for coffee shop and baking production. Thus, the TWC will allot a budget of P788,848 while the remaining amount will be shouldered by PFC and AFI.

The IC will serve as venue for trainees of Bread and Pastry Production NC ll, and Barista NC ll training programs, where real-life experiences of owning and operating a bakeshop or coffee shop will be simulated, while the TWC and PILMICO will teach and guide the students. 

This will also serve as a "one-stop training center'' with all the essential facilities for baking and pastry production (BPP), such as lecture rooms, kitchen laboratories and cafeteria, and support services for future entrepreneurs on food and bakeshop.

“The project will provide business opportunities to graduates through-supportive environment such as provision of facilities, mentoring and coaching, training, networking and seed capital financing that will help them establish their start-up business,” says Mamondiong regarding the project.

Graduates of the program are expected to use their skills and knowledge on their own business while others will be hired as employees of IC. On the other hand, those who have no business capital may form a group and register as a cooperative so that they can start their own business venture.