INNOVATION AND RELEVANCE are but few marks of Secretary Joel Villanueva’s leadership of TESDA. Another milestone in TESDA’s history is the launching of the TESDA App (Android Application) that can be downloaded from the internet for free and can be carried around and browsed even offline. With android phones becoming cheaper these days, the TESDA App is a handy tool for the existing or future students, tech-voc institutions, industry players, potential employers, and even policy makers to view and gauge TESDA’s latest news and offerings. The TESDA App is also a way to improve the institution’s services to continually beef up the technical education and skills development in the country to a higher level.

“Not only that the TESDA app is for the tech savvy, but it’s also a way to protect them from scrupulous institutions that offer courses without accreditation and programs that are not even registered with TESDA.”