Skills Competition is embedded in the TESDA Act of 1994, particularly on Section 30, it states that:

SEC. 30. Skills Olympics. – To promote quality skills development in the country and with the view of participating in international skills competitions, the Authority, with the active participation of private industries, shall organize and conduct annual National Skills Olympics. The Authority, through the TESDA Secretariat, shall promulgate the necessary rules and guidelines for the effective and efficient conduct of Annual National Skills Olympics and for the country’s participation in international skills Olympics.

Skills Competition promotes skills excellence. It provides opportunities for young individuals to compete and demonstrate their competencies in particular vocational skills using task and industry-based scenarios. It inspires young individuals to reach new heights, helping them turn their passion into a profession. 

Local Skills Competition culminates a series of Provincial, Regional and National Skills Competition. Winners from Regional competition vie for golds in the National Skills Competition. Winners at the National level will undergo further training to prepare them for International Skills Competitions. Our participation in international skill tilts will give us the opportunity to showcase our skills and meet world-class standards in skills demonstration. 

The competition is also a great opportunity for vocation education as a place for young people to see and experience the value of skills. 

Skill Categories

Construction and Building Technology 
● Electrical Installations 
● Joinery 
● Landscape Gardening 
● Plastering and Drywall Systems 
● Plumbing and Heating 
● Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 
● Wall and Floor Tiling 

Creative Arts and Fashion 
● 3D Digital Game Art 
● Fashion Technology 
● Floristry 
● Graphics Design Technology 

Information and Communication Technology 
● IT Software Solutions for Business 
● IT Network Systems Administration 
● Information Network Cabling 
● Cyber Security 
● Web Technologies 

Manufacturing and Engineering Technology 
● Mechanical Engineering CAD 
● Mechatronics 
● Mobile Robotics 
● Plastic Die Engineering 
● Prototype Modeling 
● Welding 

Social and Personal Services 
● Bakery
● Beauty Therapy 
● Cooking 
● Hairdressing 
● Hotel Reception 
● Patisserie and Confectionery 
● Restaurant Services 

Transportation and Logistics 
● Automobile Technology 
● Car Painting