Administrative Aide IV

Publication Date: 26 September 2017
Vacant Position: Administrative Aide IV
Item Number: TESDA-OEOB-ADA4-47-2017 
                        TESDAB-ADA4-27-2014 (Old Item Number)
Requesting Office: TESDA-NCR, Regional Office
Basic Salary: 12,155.00 PERA: 2,000.00
Eligibility: CSC MC NO. II, S. 1996
                  Category IV Professional Driver’s License
Education: High School Graduate/Completion of Relevant Vocational/Trade Course
Experience: None
Training: None
• Work effectively in vocational education and training
• Receive and respond to workplace communication
• Work with others
• Demonstrate work values
• Practice basic housekeeping procedures
• Must be NC II holder in driving
• With knowledge in computer applications
• Can work under extreme pressure
• Good moral character and work ethics
• Good interpersonal relationship and work attitude
• 30% Drives the official vehicle;
• 20% Attends to maintenance of official vehicle;
• 20% Performs minor repair and troubleshooting;
• 5%  Perform messengerial tasks, when requested;
• 15% Prepares requirements on the use of official vehicle; and
• 10% Performs other related functions.
All interested applicants must submit their application together with the following documents to Personnel Section of FASD not later than 06 October 2017:
• Duly Accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212, Revised 2017);
• Service Records;
• List of training programs attended indicating the no. of training hours together with the certified photocopies of training certificates;
• Performance Evaluation System (PES) Ratings for Calendar Year 2016 and January to June 2017 for outside applicants or Individual Performance Commitment Review (IPCR) ratings for July to December 2016 and January to June 2017 for TESDA applicants or applicants from other government agencies of at least Very Satisfactory Rating;
• For government employee only: a copy of previous appointment;
• Statement of duties and responsibilities for the positions held indicating the specified period covered (mm-dd-yy to mm-dd-yy);
• Potential Assessment Forms to be accomplished by your Immediate Supervisor and one (1) Peer;
• Certified true copy of transcript of records/diploma; and
• Certified true copy of Eligibility by CSC or PRC.
Failure to complete the submission of above documents within the set deadline shall mean disinterest to vie for the position paving the way for non-inclusion in the deliberation process.