Accreditation of Competency Assessors

  1. Visit the TESDA Provincial / District Office for the orientation on the procedures and requirements for accreditation.
  2. Submit the following documentary requirements:
    • Letter of Intent
    • Application Form
    • Certificate of Employment indicating compliance to the requirement of two (2) years work or teaching experience
    • (For trainer-assessor) Photocopy of NTTC Level I
    • For industry practitioners who are not engage in any training activity, the following requirements shall be applicable
      • Photocopy of COC – Conduct Competency Assessment
      • Photocopy of National Certificate (NC) for relevant qualification
      • Endorsed by a respectable industry association
    • (For new applicants) Certification attested by the AC manager or an accredited competency assessor, or the TESDA representative that the applicant has assisted in the assessment to at least two (2) candidates under the supervision of the Accredited Competency Assessor
    • (For re-accreditation) Certificate of Attendance on Assessment Moderation for the relevant Qualification.
    • (For re-accreditation) Results of Performance Evaluation
  3. TESDA Provincial/District Office will evaluate submitted documents of the applying competency assessor.
  4. TESDA Provincial/District Office will inform the applying competency assessor of the evaluation results of the submitted documents through a letter.
  5. Approval of accreditation will be awarded to competency assessors that meet all accreditation requirements.