Assessment Centers Accreditation

1.    Visit the TESDA Provincial / District Office for the orientation on the procedures and requirements for accreditation. 

2.    Submit the following documentary requirements:
    a.    Letter of Intent
    b.    Copy of SEC Registration
    c.    Business Permit
    d.    BIR Registration
    e.    Company Profile
    f.    Organizational Structure
    g.    Staff Complement and Profile
    h.    Building Lay-out/Floor Plan/Shop Lay-out
    i.    Self-Assessment Checklist
    j.    List of equipment, tools and materials
    k.    Location Map
    l.    Lease of Contract, when applicable
    m.    Fire Safety Certificate

3.    Pay to the cashier 50% of the Accreditation Fee of Php3000.00 per qualification. However, the payment of accreditation fee shall be waived for TESDA Training Institutions (TTI).

4.    TESDA Provincial/District Office will evaluate submitted documents of the applying competency assessment center.

5.    TESDA Provincial/District Office will inform the applying competency assessment center of the evaluation results of the submitted documents through a letter where:
    •    If passed, you will be informed of the schedule of ocular inspection
    •    If failed, you will be informed of the discrepancies or lacking requirements that need to be complied within 15 working days

6.    Approval of accreditation will be awarded to assessment centers that meet all accreditation requirements.