29 March 2019, 2:30 PM

Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat.

I am happy to be here and be part of this meaningful occasion.

I am privileged to be here today at NLPC, the only TESDA-administered institution whose distinctive area of competence is human health.  I learned that NLPC, with a school-based hospital, has been instrumental in the continuing upliftment of the well-being and social status of the people in this community by way of supporting the country’s Millennium Development Goals or MDG and the Global Sustainable Goals or GSG.

Today, as we formally open the Dietary Unit of NLPC, proves that this school-based hospital really puts emphasis on people’s health and well-being. 

This is a meaningful outcome of an institution’s partnerships with other sectors, both from the local and international communities. 

A collaboration such as this Dietary Unit has been brought by the successful affiliation and linkage of NLPC with the Korean Overseas International Cooperation. With this project, the NLPC can now provide more proper and adequate nutrition for its patients.

I take this opportunity to commend NLPC for its partnership with various international agencies such as the Korean Overseas International Cooperation. Your strong partnership which started in 2005 has been the key to strengthened and sustained social services program, upgrading of facilities, and the delivery of quality education and training.  In particular, this partnership has helped in the upgrading of the 15-bed capacity training hospital of NLPC.

Today, we also officially switch on the three-phase solar PV system, and the Solis (4G) fourth generation grid-tie inverter, a very efficient project of this institution which is in line with the green TVET program. I commend you for this austerity project.

I would also like to thank and commend NLPC for including the emerging qualifications in the tourism and engineering sectors in its course offerings.

I take this opportunity to also encourage NLPC, as well as the KOICA, to actively help TESDA in its after training mission – that is to help our trainees get employed or start a livelihood.  This is the full mandate of TESDA -- training and employment or livelihood for the skilled graduates. 

Along this line, I encourage the TESDA Regional and Provincial Offices, the TVIs and other partners to explore partnerships and cooperation to fulfill the complete mission of TESDA. 

Thank you and congratulations to the men and women of the New Lucena Polytechnic College. 

Maayong hapun sa inyo nga tanan!

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