Launching of TESDA Memorabilia Corner

TESDA Lobby, 05 September 2019, 1:30 pm.

Magandang hapon sa ating lahat! 

Please allow me to express my gratitude to all our guests for joining us in this memorable occasion.

I am truly glad and honored to personally meet the extraordinary people who have, over the years, contributed to TESDA’s accomplishments. This makes this event more special.

Our guests today represent the generations of TESDA’s leaders, who have one way or another, shaped the Authority into what it is now, one of the nation’s leading partners in socio-economic development.

This exhibit, on the other hand, presents the various valuable souvenirs and memorabilia that the Agency has collected over the years.  Each one a reminder of the steps that the Authority has taken, towards being the transformational leader in the technical education and skills development of the Filipino workforce.

Our guests today, along with the many items on display, will attest to the fact that TESDA is more than about the provision of training.  What we are showing here today is how TESDA, in its 25-year history, has helped build a nation.

Through careful execution of its core business of -- Direction Setting, Standards Setting and Systems Development, Support to TVET Provision and Institutional Capacity Building, the Agency has provided the means with which our citizens can overcome poverty.  The skills training brought by TESDA, has substantially improved the lives, not only of our graduates but also their families.

Indeed, skills change lives. This undoubtedly show that TESDA contributes to the nations efforts towards poverty reduction.

Through careful planning, the Authority has laid down programs and services that will help ensure our workforce will remain relevant and competitive for generations to come.

TESDA has also established close ties with industries, who will serve as our partners, as we formulate future plans to address the challenges presented by the ever-changing world of work.

However, the greatest testament to this Authority’s contributions, is still the millions of TESDA scholars and graduates scattered around the globe. There simply is no space large enough to display their accomplishments, no limit to words that will tell their stories of how technical vocational education and training has changed their lives for the better. 

As I end this message, let me offer a toast to everyone:

Let us raise our glass in salute of our past and present leaders, the countless executives, the men, and women of TESDA, who have earned these accolades for the Agency. A toast as well to those who worked hard to produce these documents and mementos, creating a mark in the hearts of our fellow Filipinos.  

We trust in the lessons we have learned through the decades that we have served.

As we look fondly at the reminders of where we have been and what we have done, we grow stronger and more dedicated to the many tasks at hand. 

Mabuhay ang TESDA!  Maraming salamat po.

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