26th Anniversary Program

August 27, 2020

Magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat. Happy anniversary to all of us! 

Greetings from Tupi, South Cotabato, Region XII.

The theme for this year’s celebration is short and yet full of meaning:  TESDA at 26: Bringing Hope in Times of Crisis.

Hence, I was on the road checking the implementation of our programs and projects, and for the monthly cabinet officers for regional development and security meeting for region 12.

As we celebrate our 26 years of service during this challenging time, it  is  a good question to ask, how are we coping and where are we going? 

To answer the first question, how is TESDA coping: 

In the past 6 months, our TESDA personnel, graduates, trainees and partners have been working hand-in-hand with the frontliners in this war against the pandemic.

TESDAns have given their technical expertise,  skills and time, to guarantee that Filipinos will receive the appropriate help and guidance, amid the disruptions and chaos that this pandemic has brought us. 

I am proud of how TESDA, as an organization, was able to bring to life our guiding principle, TESDA Abot Lahat, even at the most trying time of our history. 

The initiatives we made from producing hundreds of thousands of  face masks, face shields, to the bread and vegetable supplies we shared to the frontliners and communities will become part of the stories that our children will share to the next generation.  

This is on top of the delivery of development projects in GIDAS or Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas or what we call priority barangays.

As we reached our 26th year, as one TESDA family, let us be proud and at the same time humbled that our efforts and work have been noticed by no less than our President, Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte, in his last SONA.

The TESDA Online Program which I personally and actively promoted during the Enhanced Community Quarantine has been sought after by hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who turned to our online courses during those difficult days. 

With the recognition by the President, comes a big responsibility to perform a task to provide special programs specially for the returning OFWs.

Never has the need for skills training been more urgent than at this time, when thousands of OFWs have been sent home.

As one family, let us take on the challenge of helping our nation recover.

The directions that we have set before the onset of the covid-19 pandemic have proven to be correct and beneficial for the agency and the public.

We managed to continue operations. As we say, it is business as usual at TESDA, or more accurately, it is business in the new normal at TESDA. 

We have put in place systems that will allow us to reach out to more learners across the country through blended learning modalities. 

To answer my 2nd question, where are we going: 

We continue to establish regional and provincial training centers across the country.  Our goal of one provincial training center for each province shall soon be realized. 

TESDA was given the manpower to perform its tasks with the approval of a total of (504) plantilla positions for the first tranche, (350) of which are intended for the new provincial and district training centers, (23) for the existing provincial training centers  and  (131)  for the regional training centers. 

TESDA has also entered into agreements with different LGU partners for future TESDA learning sites.  

Our convergence with other partners from the public and private sector in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas are progressing. 

These things that we have been doing will surely guarantee that we have the capabilities to accommodate more of our kababayan who are seeking training  either to add to their qualifications or to learn new skills to get a job or start a livelihood after.

Today, we are also celebrating the life of DDG Gladys Fua Rosales who have shown so much dedication to her duties, even in the midst of the risk of the coronavirus pandemic. We honor her today. may I request everyone for one minute prayer in silence for DDG Gladys and for the eternal repose of her soul. 

She is an epitome of a committed TESDAn - that we are always ready to help towards the recovery of our country. 
We will help our kababayans recover and rebuild their lives from this crisis.

As we celebrate our 26th year, I congratulate all our valued partners and stakeholders, from the public and private sector who were given commendation today.

Our kabalikat awardees, TESDA is grateful for your support and may we always continue working together to advance the TVET sector. 

Congratulations to our outstanding TVET graduates as well,  the idols ng TESDA. may your success become an inspiration to everyone. 

May I personally congratulate Senator Manny Pacquiao, our National Kabalikat Awardee for this year.  

Very few personalities in the country have inspired and united a whole nation as commendably as our honorable senator.

And of course, I congratulate the outstanding men and women of TESDA who make up the operating units and recognized for their outstanding performance. 

Congratulations to all the awardees, and on behalf of a very grateful TESDA, thank you for your belief and support for TVET and this agency.

I wish that this year will be remembered  as  when  our workforce started to adapt to a new normal through quality technical vocational training, and put the nation back on the road to recovery. 

As we celebrate our 26th anniversary, we celebrate with a renewed bayanihan spirit and the strength to fight an unseen enemy, the novel corona virus.

This is what TESDA has been created for, and we shall rise to the challenge.

Muli, magandang araw po sa inyong lahat, Happy 26th Anniversary TESDAns! 


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