08 July 2020

Magandang umaga!

I have called for this urgent one-day General Directorate Conference in relation to the IATF-EID Res No. 47 which was issued on June 19, 2020, a Friday, upon our request and recommendation. This authorized TESDA to start training under certain conditions. We immediately took this up in our executive meeting on June 22, 2020, the following Monday and in an inter-cluster meeting within the week. And we subsequently issued TESDA Circular No. 66-A s2020 on June 27, 2020, a Saturday, on the amended/supplemental guidelines on the TVET arrangements towards the new normal. 

We wanted to start training as soon as possible, but it is necessary for us to meet all stakeholders, especially our partner TVIs, to take up IATF-EID Resolution No. 47 and all related issuances, and clarify issues and concerns. 

But before we meet them, we in TESDA have to meet first. I have been receiving a lot of questions on these issues, when IATF-EID Resolution No. 47 was published in the tri-media. And I know you, too, on the ground, the Regional Directors, PDs and administrators of TTIs and TAs are asked the same questions. So, it is important that all of us will have a uniform understanding of the new policies that have been issued and will have uniform responses. 

One of the advantages of technology is the speed at which we can arrange these large events, something that would not have been possible if we all had to be physically present at the same place and time.

With that, I would like to thank Dir. Angelina Carreon of the Regional Operations Management Office, as well as all the personnel of ROMO for making this 6th GDC possible at short notice under the supervision of DDG Lina Sarmiento of TESD Operations and all others that have contributed to this event. 

As we are operating under different conditions and community restrictions, this conference shall give us the opportunity to further discuss the TESDA Circular No. 66-A, TC No. 66, TC No. 62 and other issuances as well, as the scholarship programs under the new normal, and other operational issues and concerns that you might have. I encourage everyone to share your thoughts and experiences regarding these subjects during the workshops and breakout sessions later this morning.

We shall also see the presentations on the implementation of our core programs under the new normal, including scholarship implementation, flexible learning delivery, program registration, competency assessment and certification, compliance audit, and enterprise-based training delivery.

As you will see, while we are striving to continue to provide our programs and services to our public, we will need to make changes as to how these are actually delivered. Online and virtual processes using technology will now play a very important role in how we do things at TESDA.

This reminds me of the “facilitating e-learning course” conducted by the NITESD, capacitating our trainers in delivering new modes of training.  We should continue providing our trainers more sessions to help them become more efficient in this time of new normal. 

Later towards the end of this conference, we shall also hear from Executive Director Patti Dela Rama about the upcoming TVET stakeholders’ consultation on July 10, Friday, tentatively. This will depend on the result of this GDC. 

The training institutions and industry associations are still TESDA’s most important partners. We need to listen to their concerns, especially during this crisis, so we can address them accordingly. 

Listen very carefully and learn of the appropriate responses to the issues and concerns. If you feel, you have a different response, feel free to raise your concern and we will discuss and decide collectively. Again, I would like to emphasize that we, in TESDA, should have a uniform response.

Finally, as we open our doors to training, please continue to keep in mind all the safety protocols that have been set by the IATF, the DOH, including our own TESDA guidelines. The protection of the health of our learners and trainers shall still be our primary concern.

The more we learn more about this virus, its dangers and its behavior, the more we will be able to better defend ourselves against it.

I look forward to a very productive conference.  Maraming salamat at mabuhay po tayong lahat.

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