February 5, 2020 | TESDA Auditorium

Good morning! 

Welcome to the WorldSkills Philippines General Assembly of Experts and Competitors!

This is really an exciting day as this will signal the start of an even bigger, international activity for the select competitors and experts. 

I am glad to be here today in the company of champions!

I would like to congratulate all of you, again, for successfully winning in your respective skill areas during the Luzon and VisMin Zonal Skills Competitions. 

Let us give them a big round of applause.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to the organizing committee, the WorldSkills Philippines - National Technical Committee, for conducting this assembly. 

As the lead agency in the technical-vocational education and training in the country, we should give this our utmost attention because this gives us the opportunity to select the best skilled, young people to represent our country in international competitions.

I am really encouraged of the progress we are making in this field. With WorldSkills Philippines, we are hitting two birds in one shot. 

First, WorldSkills Philippines has helped our agency in delivering TVET for global competitiveness, one of TESDA’s two-pronged strategies. 

Our participation in WorldSkills has allowed TESDA to showcase the skills of the Filipino workforce – by meeting the international standards, proven by our Medallions for Excellence. 

Our exposure in the international competitions also help us identify the areas that needs improvement and the technologies we have to learn and teach here in the country.

Through our National Technical Committee, TESDA was able to know the best practices of other countries especially in the fields relating to automation.

That is why we are now equipping ourselves in preparation for the advent of Fourth Industrial Revolution or the 4IR. 

The performance of our competitors during the last year’s WorldSkills competition held in Russia was a good one and hopefully this year, we will continue the winning streak and even surpass our achievements last year.   

Through this training camp, the best of the best will be selected and will have the honor of representing the country in the ASEAN Skills Competition in Singapore in July, in the WorldSkills Asia Competition in Abu Dhabi in November and in WorldSkills Competition in China in 2021.

In the coming months, all of you will undergo another set of competition as qualifying round for the international competition. The competitors from Luzon and VisMin will compete and winners will then move forward to the next stage, which is the industry immersion and the gold camp. 

Selected competitors will be exposed to the actual practice of the industry while also being trained in-house here at TESDA. 

Aside from the skills training in the gold camp, personality development, values enhancement, and english proficiency will also be taught.  Confidence and self-esteem are important areas that competitors should develop when facing global challenges. With this, you will see that our preparation for our competitors is holistic. TESDA ensures that honesty and integrity are also possessed by our competitors.  These are the values that we expect that you will bring with you everywhere.

You will also be given lessons on Singapore’s culture. All these to make sure our competitors are 101% ready to compete in the said country.

Being globally competitive does not only mean you are able and at par with international counterparts. John wooden once said, “ability may take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” 

We do not just aim for well-equipped workforce but also a workforce that will help in making a difference in every Filipinos’ lives and contribute to nation building. This is the exceptional character of the Filipino skilled workforce that we can all be proud of. 

I believe that we are on the right track towards achieving greater things for TESDA and for the country. 

To our competitors, I congratulate all of you for making this far.  As we move forward to the competition, I expect everyone’s honesty and integrity, from competitors and experts alike. Let us aim for excellence but not at the expense of fairness. 

May the joy and motivation of this competition inspire you to do better and excel in your respective fields. 

Thank you and I wish you all the best of luck!

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