Tesda Auditorium | January 9-10, 2019

Good morning! 

Welcome to the very first New Year’s Call of our beloved agency. I am glad to be with all of you again after our General Directorate Conference last December. The New Year’s Call is a good way to welcome and start the year. 

I hope that all of us had an enjoyable celebration of the recent holiday season with our family and loved ones. Once again, happy new year to all!

The year 2019 was a fruitful one. I would like to thank everyone for another successful year. 

Last year, we were able to bring TESDA to the homes of more than 2.1 million Filipinos. Please give ourselves a warm round of applause. 

The accomplishments we achieved cannot be done by your Director General alone. These were made possible because of your cooperation and support.

We shall continue what we have started. For 2020, our guiding principle, “TESDA Abot Lahat” shall continue to drive us as we move forward and implement our policies and programs.

From the words of our President, Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte himself, TESDA plays a crucial role in the government’s goal to bring a comfortable life for all Filipinos. 

Let us continue to carry out our noble task – to empower our kababayans and give them opportunities -so they may become productive and active part of nation building.

For this year, TESDA’s top priority shall remain as is - agriculture.  We shall continue prioritizing the agri sector in terms of our scholarship distribution. 

I would like to encourage everyone to help us promote our advocacy of attaining food security for the nation. Let us be the frontliners in changing the mindset of the Filipinos towards farming in particular, and agriculture in general. 

I keep on saying that no developed nation was able to achieve their status without first ensuring self-sufficiency in food production.

TESDA is crucial in achieving food security – making food supplies available, adequate, accessible, and affordable to all at all times. Our nation’s food security is the key to sustainable progress and peace and order. We are in the position to achieve this through our appropriate skills training and assistance.

During the President’s State of the Nation Address last year, he stressed that the government will continue to invest in the farms and we shall ensure the implementation of the Rice Tarrification Law. 

The 700 million allotted to TESDA sourced from the rice competitiveness enhancement fund is certainly a challenge for TESDA. I appeal everyone’s aggressive response on this matter. 

Let me emphasize my directive to everyone – from Deputy Directors General, Executive Directors, Regional Directors, District and Provincial Directors and School Administrators - to provide more attention on agriculture. Let us ensure our training qualifications under the sector, including agri-fisheries, agri-business, and agro-industrial are updated, and that more and more programs will be registered by our TESDA Technology Institutions. 

We shall also work on making the TVET in the Philippines on track in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the 4IR. I am confident, that with all of you, the brilliant officers, men and women of TESDA, we will be able to deliver the needs of the workforce to become 4.0 ready to face the challenges of the advent of 4IR.

I call on everyone’s support and cooperation to continuously capacitate our institution. 

Our hiring and promotion will be continued this year, to ensure that the new 996 plantilia positions granted to us will be immediately filled up.

This year, we will continue to improve the National TVET Trainers Academy to position itself as the premier TVET academy in the country. 

Also, we will establish innovation centers in various strategic locations in the country which shall provide state-of-the-art learning system for our scholars. 

We will continue to establish provincial training centers and provisional provincial training teams pending establishment of PTCs. No Provincial Office will operate without its own Provincial Training Center. Our Regional, District and Provincial Directors shall lead their respective offices in ensuring that our training centers are operating efficiently. 

I assure you that the support and fund necessary for you to carry out these tasks will be provided. 

And of course, our task as the chair of Poverty Reduction, Livelihood and Employment Cluster as provided under Executive Order No. 70, shall also be given attention and treated with utmost priority. Let us make sure that we will be able to bring TESDA where TESDA’s support is needed.

Through these efforts, we will be able to achieve the expected outcomes of our two-pronged strategies: (1) TVET for global competitiveness and (2) TVET for social equity and poverty reduction. 

I am here with you as we go along our journey this 2020. Always remember that all these are for the welfare and benefit of the Filipino people. 

Rest assured of my support as your Director General in order for you to deliver our targets for the year.  

With me, as your Director General in the lead, you can trust that I will not ask you to do certain tasks that I, myself, cannot do. I will be in the forefront of our battle to win the hearts and minds of our people.  

Muli, Manigong Bagong Taon at Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Maraming salamat!

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