25 June 2011

Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo missed an important point when she heaped criticism on President Benigno Aquino III's "nobody home" leadership.

The more accurate state of affairs when she stepped down from office last year after her nine-year stint could be aptly described as "Nothing Left at Home."

The former President left the Aquino administration not only with empty coffers, but heavy in debt as in the case of the P2 billion scholarship vouchers that the previous TESDA administration purportedly distributed despite the absence of funds.

The more accurate and truthful depiction is Nothing Left at Home. The Arroyo administration left us with a bad image, bad personnel habits and empty coffers.

If things are moving slowly from their perspective, it is because the Aquino administration is preoccupied with cleaning the mess they left while attending to the people's needs.

In TESDA, we are doing our share of house-cleaning, while pursuing programs that are pro-active and relevant to our constituents.

Trainings actually happen, and modules of courses are reviewed and retrofitted to suit the needs of the market.  Our assessment of workers, returning OFWs, trainers, and students are ongoing and those who pass are given certificates that become their pass to employment.

At the larger plane, we recently received an upgrade in our credit rating and unemployment rate is down.

We acknowledge that there is lot of work to be done. But we won't take sitting down unfounded criticisms, especially from the one who caused all the country's misery.

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