One (1) Director III (Assistant Executive Director)

POSITION: One (1) Director III (Assistant Executive Director) 
ITEM NO: TESDAB-DIR3- 300018-2003 vice Felicidad B. Zurbano (Retired)
OFFICE: NITESD, Central Office
SALARY: Php87,229.00/month
RATA: P17,000.00 PERA: P2,000.00        


• Assists the Executive Director in managing the operations and activities of the executive office;
• Establishes and maintains partnerships with external parties/stakeholders in TVET;
• Assists the Executive Director in the formulation of policies and guidelines for the maintenance and enhancement of the efficiency and effectiveness in the management and operations of the TESD delivery in schools, centers, enterprises and communities within acceptable standards;
• Directs the planning of programs and activities relative to the various schools, centers enterprises and communities within acceptable standards;
• Directs the efficient execution of plans with organized systems and procedures; and
• Directs the monitoring of outputs and evaluation of outcomes.


• Conduct external analysis;
• Direct the implementation of programs, projects and systems;
• Establish and sustain agency linkages;
• Formulate policy recommendations;
• Formulate strategies;
• Generate resources;
• Implement employee relations programs;
• Manage employee relations programs;
• Promote programs and services; and 
• Review systems


Education: Master’s Degree OR Certificate in Leadership and Management from the CSC
Experience: 5 years of supervisory/ managerial experience
Training: 120 hours of supervisory/management learning and development intervention undertaken within the last 5 years   
Eligibility: Appropriate eligibility for second level positions
Appropriate (RA 1080) Bar/Board (for positions involving practice of profession)

All interested applicants must submit their application together with the following documents to Human Resource Management Division, AS not later than April 2, 2017;

•Duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212 Revised 2005);
•Proof of evidence in the form of citation, medal, plaque, for awards/rewards received;
•Accomplished Competency Based-Assessment Form for Director III to be rated by the applicant, peer, subordinate and immediate supervisor,
•Proof of evidences in the form of office order, certification/certificates for the following staff development interventions:
a. OJT                 g.  Membership in Ad Hoc bodies
b. Job rotation       f.  Cross posting
c. Reassignment                         
d. Coaching/mentoring
e. Industry immersion
• List of supervisory/managerial training programs attended within the last five (5) years indicating the no. of training hours and photocopies of training certificates;
• CESPES Ratings for CY 2015 and CY 2016 or Performance Evaluation System (PES) Ratings for Calendar Year 2015 and 2016 for outside applicants or Individual Performance Commitment Review (IPCR) rating for January – June 2015, July to December 2015 and January to June 2016 and July to December 2016 for TESDA applicants or applicants from other government agencies;
• Service Record;
• For government employee only: a copy of previous appointment;
• Certified photocopy of transcript of records/diploma; 
• Certified photocopy of eligibility Career Service Professional or Second Level eligibility, CES or CSEE (if any);
• Certification signed by the immediate and previous supervisor indicating managerial/supervisory cumulative experience (specify date/month/year covered) with actual duties and responsibilities; 
• Certificate of “Outstanding Accomplishment” together with evidence or proof for being an outstanding; and
• List of staff being supervised duly certified by the immediate supervisor;

Failure to complete the submission of above documents within the set deadline shall mean disinterest to vie for the position paving the way for non-inclusion in the deliberation process.

Chief Administrative Office