Chief TESD Specialist

POSITION : Chief TESD Specialist  
OFFICE : Project Development Division (PDD), Planning Office (PO)
SALARY : SG– 24 Php49,750.00
RATA : 10,000.00    PERA : P2,000.00        

• Initiates and mobilizes external TESD financing from local and international funding communities/bodies in support of TVET investments and other development programs under NTESDP and the corplan plan;
• Designs and develops ODA/special projects/technical cooperation arrangements for external funding assistance;
• Oversees the management of technical cooperation of TESD programs/projects and other local and international bilateral labor arrangements including Missions/Exposure/Study Visits/and or Conferences;
• Provides technical assistance to implementing units during project development, pre-implementation and transition phase;
• Provides oversight monitoring to on-going local and foreign-assisted projects;
• Oversees the maintenance of database of donor communities;
• Manages the utilization of the division’s resources;
• Develops policy, planning and research capability build-up programs and causes their implementation;
• Directs, supervises and coordinates the planning and implementation of the division’s projects/programs and activities based on the approved OPCP;
• Reviews, assess and consolidates the budget proposals, work  and financial plan and periodic reports of the division;
• Maintains an active multi-sectoral participation to concerned public and private international agencies for possible funding assistance; and
• Performs other functions as maybe assigned.

• Conduct internal analysis;
• Develop programs, projects and systems;
• Evaluate implementation of programs, projects and systems;
• Implement policies;
• Lead in the implementation of programs, projects and systems;
• Manage resources 

Education :    Masteral Degree relevant to the job
Experience : 4 years in position/s involving management and supervision
Training : 24 hours relevant training in management and supervision
Eligibility    : CS Professional/ Second Level Eligibility

• Proven ability in analytical and creative thinking;
• With high level of interpersonal skills enabling effective communication with diverse group of people with customer focus;
• With highly effective organizational skills with  the ability to prioritize work to meet deadlines; and 
• Good computing skills including use of database software. 

All interested applicants must submit their application together with the following documents to Human Resource Management Division, AS not later than February 25, 2015:
• Duly Accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212, Revised 2005);
• Service Records;
• List of training programs attended indicating the no. of training hours and photocopies of training certificates ;
• Performance Evaluation System (PES) Ratings for Calendar Year 2014 for outside applicants or Individual Performance Commitment Review (IPCR) rating for  Calendar Year 2014 for TESDA applicants or applicants from other government agencies;
• For government employee only: a copy of previous appointment;
• Management Competence Forms to be accomplished by (2) Subordinates, (2) Peers and the Immediate Supervisor; 
• Demonstrated Attitude and Commitment to Work to be accomplished by your Immediate Supervisor;
• Accomplishments/Achievements done during the last three (3) years to be endorsed by the Head of Office;
• Certification signed by the Immediate or previous Supervisor indicating managerial/supervisory cumulative experience (specify date/month/year covered) with actual duties and responsibilities;
• Certified true copy of transcript of records/diploma; and
• Certified true copy of Eligibility by CSC or PRC.

Failure to complete the submission of above documents within the set deadline shall mean disinterest to vie for the position paving the way for non-inclusion in the deliberation process.

Chief Administrative Officer

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